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Snowcaster question

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I have located an L84 snowcaster on a local classified ad website and have been communicating with the owner via email. Owner states the snowcaster has less than 50 hours use and hasn't been used for the last 8 years (he's been going to Florida for the winters). He is asking $600.00, which seems overpriced to me.

However, my real question concerns something I don't think looks right in the photos he sent me. The end of the drive shaft on the back of the unit seems to protrude a long way beyond the chain cover. I have never seen a snowcaster except in photos and in the manuals, but haven't seen anything that looks quite like this.
Any info would be appreciated.
The photos are in my personal album.

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Thanks for the info, gentlemen. I think that even the $450-500 price range is going to be too much for my wallet right now. Haven't talked price yet, maybe he'll surprise me and be willing to come down a lot on the price.
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