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I tried out the snow caster today...getting ready for winter and I noticed my chain is rubbing a little on the there any adjustment to tighting the chain a little?? Thanks Brad
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The only adjustment to the chain is to take links out or replace. The snow caster auger is adjusted by rotating the cam plates on the end of the caster.
What does that fix when you adjust the auger by rotating the cam plates?? Thanks
brad said:
is there any adjustment to tightening the chain a little??
There might be. What's your model #?
Also, how old is your chain? If it has stretched it's time for a new one (not expensive).
If you have a J-M series snowcasters, the auger mounting plate has many holes in it and can be positioned around many different orientations.

The hex pin on the bearing plate is slightly eccentric ... as you rotate it, the auger moves slightly inward or outward to the housing. This takes up slack in the chain.

Newer models have the adjuster on the driveshaft end of the chain.

Generally it is considered best to start off with a fresh chain, as clearance between the auger and housing will degrade performance of the snowcaster. A fresh chain is the best position available.

Good luck with it ...

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