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So how "big" is the Ingersoll chipper?

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I am about to buy a new chipper, my main option is a new BCS unit which will work on my BCS 852. It will take a 3" log, and will be "self-propelled", a nice feature.

The Ingersoll unit in the ads is attractively priced, though it would be a long drive. How good is it?
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I have a Salsco #608 chipper. It has it's own engine which on mine is an 8 HP Briggs. What I like about an independant chipper is that I set it up in a spot and I can let the chips go on the ground or into the bags on my Hydrabagger on into my high sided wagon and take the chips to another location to dispose of them while the chipper remains on site.
The Salsco 608 is a chipper and not a shreader. It doesn't handle brush very well. I nip the brush and fill my high sided wagon and take the brush to where I want to dispose of it. I had a McKissic chipper shreader, and it shreaded very well but was a poor chipper. Also with the McKissic the only option for discharge was on the ground.
I have found that the wood chips will kill grass and I try to keep the chips on the ground to a minimum.
Just some thoughts from Mad Mackie!!!
I bought one of the Ingersoll units this summer and it does a good job of shredding garden debris and brush up to about 1". The chipper will chip larger branches up to 3" (if I recall, check the specs) if you can fit it in the narrow feed chute. The one thing I don't like about it is that it leaves all the chips in a pile on the ground and they have to be raked up if you don't want them where you do your chipping.

I also have a 6" self powered Gravely chipper which does a great job chipping tree limbs and heavy brush. I have a lot of trees and after every storm I find myself having to get out the chainsaw and big chipper to dispense with the debris but the small one is handy for grinding up weeds and prunings that my wife tends to leave in piles for me to clean up.

Bottom line, if you are looking for something that will do a lot of chipping efficiently you will want something with a big chute and at least 16 hp--none of the little ones will make you happy. If all you want to chip is the occasional tree limb and other garden waste then the Ingersoll one is a good choice and probably better than any of the other "small" chippers.
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I had not used a chipper shredder until I got the Ingersoll unit I have, so my perspective is limited. I really like the shredder part of mine. I use it to get materials ready for my compost pile.
The chipper part works well, but most anything that is too big to run through the shredder goes on the pile for burning, so I don't think I will use that function too much. Most of the wood that I've chipped has just been to see how well it works. I ran some 2-3 year old sassafras wood through that was just small enough to fit in the chute. The chipper handled it okay, without stalling the hydraulic motor, but being dry wood really did push it to the limit, I would say. Green wood chips easily.
Using these things in any case is a noisy and dirty exercise. Hearing and eye protection is a necessity; stuff flies out of the shredder hopper all the time.
Dealing with the debris at the bottom discharge has not been too bad. I just place a tarp there and drag the material over to my compost pile when done. I would be nice to be able to discharge material into the trailer, though. Mackissic has a bag available for the model that is equivalent to the Ingersoll model as an alternative.
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Thank you for the replies.

Basedon our needs and the uses we have for our equipment, we ordered anew BCS chipper. I'll let you knw how it works!
It arrived, and blasted through a BIG pile of brush in good order.

I also realized another reason not to use our 448 for brush-I need the tractor free to bring stuff to be chipped/take away the mulch while work is in progress! Also, it will keep gas fresh in the BCS (the tractor never sits still for long).
Have to admit I didn`t know what a BCS 852 actually was.
Checked on line, looks like a rugged machine. :wave:
We've had ours 4 years-brush mowing, tilling, snow removal (for the non-paved areas and sidewalks) and now chipping/shredding. The power unit itself, all the bits that run in oil, are guaranteed as long as we own it. We shall see...
xfolkboat said:
The power unit itself, all the bits that run in oil, are guaranteed as long as we own it. We shall see...
Well, it takes a fair bit of manufacturer confidence to offer a a guarantee of that extent, I expect you`ll continue to be satisfied over the long haul. :wave:
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