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I'm scratching my head at some behavior with my 446 - P216 fitted on in the 90s. I'll list what's going on and what I've observed. I could start throwing parts and "fixes" at it, but I hate not feeling like I have a lead for a fix.

1) The tractor rarely starts without some starting fluid. Just a small shot is enough. It wasn't always like this. Problem suddenly began last spring.
2) It seems to be easy to flood. If it will start on it's own it will be with choke full on, but maybe that's why it likes to flood (ie. me going full choke while trying to start for a long time).
3) Once started it run great at all positions of the throttle, but it begins stumbling if just sitting and not working...It doesn't matter the throttle position, if the tractor is not moving it will stumble and almost stall and then pick back up again and idle smooth. Once working it'll be fine for hours if it keeps moving. If you park for a minute or something it will start the stumbling behavior.
4) The plugs are always sooty black, which I assume means it's running rich. Never oily...I don't appear to be losing much engine oil over the course of a year.
5) Yesterday while putting a cloth soaked with seafoam near the carb intake to start I noticed gas splash up in the carb while starting. Is this normal?

I feel like I am looking at a fuel oversupply issue, but not sure where to start. I could buy a carb rebuild kit, but nothing with carb parts look off to me - did a really good clean recently. I made sure float/needle was adjusted right. I also serviced the intake pipe off the carb to the engine with a good cleaning and resealing the halves. I do have stripped threads on one side of where the intake mounts, however, but it does tighten down decently. I've done my routine fuel filter change and the pump is certainly pumping gas. Fuel lines have not been redone, but existing look good inside and are not cracked.

What do you think? I want to say all issues are related, but I've been wrong before. I've also never had to deal with the stumbling issue when only idling (and at any rpm). Like it said, it runs great when it's working. Perhaps if it's a fuel oversupply thing it is keeping up with the fuel while working?

Thanks in advance
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