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Some half naked SOB stole my 446!!

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I got a picture of him though and I plan on turning into the authorities. Please keep your eye out for him. Whatever you do though don't try to stop him he is one tough critter. Below is a picture of me trying to wrestle him off of my tractor.
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That sure is a cute little bandit.

Maynard :canada:

Not to worry, from the looks of that tractor he won't get too much further than the bottom of the hill :wink:
Before you know it, he'll be wanting you to build a Puller for him and then the fun begins. :lol:
you laugh but I am already acquiring parts for a JR. dragster. :grin:
Don't think he will get too far without a Pusher. Will also have to be careful not to get BLANKIE caught in PTO.

Regards George
SO COOL! Looks like he's having a ball. :thumbup:
He looks right a home in the drivers seat! :thumbsup: I think that should become his tractor!!!! :trink: :trink: :trink:
:222: :446: Best Regards, Rich
No one else said it, but maybe SOB is not the best choice.....unless she is a B.

Cute kid!, mine all climb on and make driving noises yelling "look at me I'n da farma man"

Looks like he's well on his way to a proper succotash free (green an yeller) upbringing!
Today she was a B. She blamed me for losing her camera. She scream and yelled, called her mom, argued with me in front of her Grandparents.....we eventually found the camera.....its was in HER car in the console where SHE PUT IT. Ohhh vengeance will be so sweet. I already made her call her G-ma and tell her where the camera was. The real funny thing here is the in-laws always side with me. As a matter a fact I told her dad he should pay me for putting up with her :grin:
Thats why there used to be dowrys! :lol: :lol: :lol:
Cute kid, now go find the engine he stole earlier!! :sidelaugh:
Very cool. It reminds me of 3ish years ago when I did the same with my son. I got a youtube video of him riding with me blowing snow and he has a pacifier in his mouth. lol. :lol:
Very cute kid. Take some friendly advice - go easy on the "B" word, before you end up visiting him AND your tractors on Wednesdays and alternating weekends! :sidelaugh:
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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