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starter turns over hard

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Have a 1981 case 446 with onan 16hp. It turns over very hard, took plugs out and still turns over very hard. Jumped it with the truck and still turns over hard. Can I wire the positive off battery directly to starter and ground to motor to see if its the starter thats the problem?
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Just make sure you don't have a rear PTO valve, and have it inadvertently turned on,

I went through that, 2 or 3 years ago, until I happen to notice it was half on. Motor was very tough to turn over, and once I got it to run, wouldn't build any RPM past 1800-2100 RPM.
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Turns over some, implies you can't get it to start. ?

Pop the plugs out as a previous poster suggested and turn it by hand, turns over how with plugs out?
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