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Steve Guider

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For some time now, I've had to sit on this bit of exciting news but now that it's a sure thing, I feel comfortable in sharing.

I want to officially welcome Steve Guider to our forum. For those of you that do not recognize his name, let me fill you in. In the small, insular world of garden tractor collecting and especially when it comes to Colts, Case and Ingersoll lawn and garden tractors, Steve is one of the best known, if not the very best known. Steve's collection is remarkable and staggering. Those who have been fortunate enough to walk into Steve's barn have been treated to a vision that has taken their breath away, caused their pulse rate to climb uncontrollably and found themselves frozen and speechless for minutes.

Steve searched for years and found the only known example of the Case 190 with the forklift attachment. Steve promptly did a full restoration of that unit and it was featured in one issue of LAGC. It is not my intent to embarrass Steve in any way with this thread but getting him here is a major coup because Steve is one of those guys who just never got around to using a computer. Therefore, we are the first and only forum to have Steve as a member.

A glimpse of a portion of Steve's collection can be see if you go to

and then scroll down to the garden tractors section, click on the Case,Colt, Ingersoll forum and then open the STICKY at the top of the main board. Those photos were taken by a member with the screen name Fletchman and I practically had to beat this guy over the head with an ugly stick to get him to make the one hour drive to Steve's. What can I say? You can lead a horse to water.........

Right now, Steve is working with my partner Jack to get comfortable enough on his new computer so he can easily do the navigation that all you guys take for granted. His screen name here is HORTON20 and is member 179 at the moment. Eventually, Steve will post here so try to cut the newbie a bit of slack because every bit of this is toally foreign soil for him. On top of that, Steve is a bit older than my 67 years so it's a bit of a challenge to take on this technology. I don't think that you will come across a nicer guy or a more giving person than Steve. Even though he and I have yet to meet, I've never spoken with anyone who has not sung praises for Steve to the rafters.

It is OUR hope that Steve will find his comfort zone here and be a regular contributor of articles and information.
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I think I've looked at that thread 100 times over on MTF. Unbelievable collection.
That is truly some GREAT news Tom. From the pictures I have seen, a trip to Steve's would be like waking up in Heaven.

Here is hoping that we can eventually tap into the huge knowledge base he has spent a lifetime building on. :trink:

Thanks for sharing this story with us. :thumbsup:
tom, and club.
to me this is like ELVIS coming to join the party.
Even *I* have heard of Steve! :sidelaugh:

This is way cool. I love the pics of his collection. I want him to adopt me.
That's truly great news - if you're not inspired by Steve's work and collection, you're not human. I believe Steve lives in Ohio, I'm hoping to be able to see his great collection someday.

Thanks Hydriv, and Welcome Steve.
Welcome Steve, Awsome is the only word I can come up with. That Oliver is a jaw dropper to me also. WELCOME to you, and all your toys.
Amazing collection

Whats going to happen first

Im going to find a backhoe for $2500


Steves going to find this thread LOL
Welcome Steve,glad to have you with us.

I saw you collection in the LAGC mag and thought it was great,I really liked the forklift .

I was also very impressed with his collection.
I think it would only be fitting and proper if most his collection could be put in a museum someday where only a feather duster would ever touch them for eternity. :446:
The examples he has are truely rare and a great resource for those restoring or fixing a similiar example.
Welcome aboard Steve! :thumbsup: Don't worry my Dad's 65 yrs old and only knows how to use a calculater. :lol:
I know this is an old thread, but thought maybe someone could help.
I called steve awhile back about some parts, and since then I get no answer on his phone and no voicemail.
first, I hope he is doing ok.
would someone have a different number for him?
my next resort was writing him a letter.
or, would someone have another source for a new hood for a 180.
Try sending a private PM to Steve,


He seems to come on every couple of weeks or so,,
ahhh. thx www_ca
wasn't sure of his handle.
Thanks for bringing this thread back to life. As a newbie, I was unaware of this man or his collection. I guess this is was a Case/Ingersoll tractor would consider Heaven !!!

My wife doesn't want me having two, let along anything close to that collection. Simply beautiful........WOW !!!
PM me with the number you are calling.. I can confirm the number, or give you his cell.. The CCI hotline!!

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