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So I managed to get the injectors cleaned and reassembled today. First two checked out great.... nice chatter, good stream and popped off right at 1700 psi.

Its always the last one.... why is that? It started out OK, seemed like the injector was fine. I figured I'd give it one more go and it went to crap. The spray pattern went all wacky and it won't even hold a 1000 psi now.

I figure the nozzle is bad. Not much else inside to go bad really. All they really are is high pressure needle valve. If the valve (nozzle) doesn't seat and hold pressure, then they don't work right.

So I think I'm probably gonna order new nozzles through john deere. They are $93 each. I guess I'll try one and see what it is like before I do all of them.

This really sucks because I'm ready to test fire it and planned on trying tomorrow 😔.
Just wondering if a little piece of crud snuck past you during the reassembly process? Might be worth another teardown and cleaning.

1 - 1 of 94 Posts