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Picked up a B48 Onan engine today, complete with PTO clutch and exhaust along with a 48" deck/mule, the motor was free and the paid $40 for the deck.

I was told that the motor ran but it had a oil leak near the oil filter, this was from a local man who converted his 448 to electric. I haven't looked too closely to but what would cause a oil leak at the filter or is this a common problem?

The deck looks good but at least one spindle is, well falling apart? best I can describe it is that the metal is is crumbling and there is chunks gone and you take you finger break it loose. I suspect that a singe whack of a hammer would totally shatter it.

Sold my Briggs repowered 446 along with the Kohler Magnum for what I was asking for so I'm feeling rather good right now, it's Miller time!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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