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Was just looking at the latest round of FAQs. Little tired tonight but I still did some quick reads. IMHO right on the money,great topics that come up frequently. Well written and easy to understand, even by me! Tom are you getting any sleep? Just want to say (humbly) the hard work is appreciated. And to Charles too for all of the posting work. And whoever else I may have left out.
:222: :446: Best Regards, Rich

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There were a few manuals thrown in there as well.

A couple rotary mower manuals, a Kohler manual, a LBH parts manual and a few other things.

21 files total if I remember correctly.

Thanks for the props but Tom does about 99% of the work with the manuals. :trink:

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I appreciate the Hi-5's but the landscape changed recently when I forced Jack to buy a scanner. :sidelaugh:

At first, the scanner did not get on well with Jack, due to his short attention span. But after visiting the doctor to get some appropriate drugs, things are looking up and i think a love affair is blossoming because his PDF's are no longer Pretty Damn Funny, like they were at the outset.

jack has scanned quite a few manuals from his own collection, submitted them to me for watermarking and in turn, I submitted them to Charles to link to the appropriate areas in the Tech Section. Once again, this is a team effort... working hard every day to make this site better and better. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
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