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The guys here who give their time to respond to posts and help members are the engine behind the success of At the bottom of each post is a Thumbs Up button for members to express their thanks. It's a nice system, a quick and easy way acknowledge for a job well done.

But anyone who has been around this or other forums soon realizes that there are some members who stand out from the crowd. When I joined this site, I started seeing posts from gator_rider2. Gator's observations, advice and help come from a "Been There, Done That" world of experience. In addition to providing solid advice, he also researches and provides links and references to great information.

For me, when scrolling through the forums, gator_rider2 has become a "Must Read".

Sometimes I wish there was a great big "Thumbs Up!" button to show appreciation for not just one post, but all of them.

This was the best I could do:

Thanks Gator.

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Nutcase446 said:
The fact that he writes with a Southern Accent sometimes trips me up.
Sometimes he has his wife do the typing!!!

He likes to hang out in the chat room also. I see in the logs he always "prunes mchat table" which is a fancy way of saying he deletes the built up chat messages.

Just because this thread was made I gave him a new avatar. He's going to have to post here to see what it is.

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<(-_-)> Thanks snotrocket.
Thanks ING6018 your post on drive linkage Fel was big help along many others.
That thumbs up biggest I every had a ball peen hammer has made some almost that size.
My first solo drive on tractor at age 4 1/2 at 7 I was doing tuneups fast forward 1963 landed job as operator on all Hydraulic timber Harvester called Bush Combine,even starter on engine was Hydraulic. I ask one day who going do Mechanical, Hydraulic work and welding answer was you are lol hauled around Onan powered welder and Kohler powered air compressor (not sameone all time) . In month half my operator days over 37 years later I retired Oct. 31 2001. Life time hobby rebuilding engines and building attachments night weekends if belief that's hobby.

Thanks all for kind words I'm here to learn and help tractors.

Derle ( pin name )
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