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The $2300 Demonstrator

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The livestock sale barn does a three day holiday weekend consignment auction and look what showed up. I tried not to spend to much Saturday to have some money for this package on Sunday. Showed up Sunday morning early and they get around to this thing about 2:30. Auctioneer decides to split up the pieces separately. It fires right up but both mufflers are shot, the tires are dry rotted bad and she's pretty ruff all over. They struggled to get a couple hundred out of the Cub next to it so I had a good feeling (boy was I wrong).
The tractor brought $625 which probably wasn't to bad with the sleeve hitch and pto and then he started at $20 on the snow blower (missing the lift bar) and when it hit $650 I thought dang it was a good day to be a seller. The tiller goes off at $575 and the blade at $250. They started the weight box with the hitch bar and plate in it at $5 and got $175, lucky the guy that bought the tractor got it.

I talked to the second bidder on the tiller and had to fight myself to keep from selling my tiller to him. Even though it was a good day to be a seller.
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As I've always said, package deals are the least expensive deals. Selling those implements individually allowed the auctioneer to maximize the return for him and his consignor.

Craig..... $650.00 for a running Golden Demonstrator was a damn good buy.
All in all,that tractor looks in good condition.

Maynard :canada:
So your thinking I screwed up?
I was looking for an investment to make a buck.
$2300 didn't do it for me.
No, I'm not saying that you screwed up. I am saying that there are many collectors who would be happy to own a Golden Demonstrator like that one for under $700.00. If that tractor does not impress you, then you did the right thing to pass on it. There was no package deal to be had and therefore no way for you to make a buck by splitting it up later on at your home. Most of those items sold for far too much money. IMO, the tractor itself was the only GOOD deal.
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