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Throttle control creeping back on 446

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Brought home another one today, my second one, got an 85 - 446 with onan engine. No mower deck but I did get snow plow, rear PTO and it has a holding valve. The one thing that I need to fix is the throttle control, it does not stay at full speed. What could cause this on the onan engine?? I could not find anything in the FAQ's or any past posts with this issue.
Oh ya, does anyone have the orange throttle handle for sale, the part number is C 30073??
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It's my understanding that the "wing style" knob is NLA from Eastman but perhaps you already know that. Maybe a member will have a used one available in orange. The earlier ones were red. e-Bay is also an option but usually the entire control is sold with the knob.

The control itself has a friction disc that acts as a brake to keep the throttle lever from moving on its own. Some controls were held together with a rivet and some had a nut/bolt. The latter can be tightened with wrenches. The former can be tightened by clamping vice-grips on the rivet and squeezing. OR.... you can remove the control and tap the rivet with hammer blows of increasing force to get the rivet to tighten up. Just don't overdo it. Another solution is to replace the rivet with a nut and bolt. This is a common problem with the throttle lever and all of the above solutions have been used by owners in the past with good success. Pick your poison.
Thanks Hydriv
I saw in the service or owners manual they recommend to oil the throttle cable, and it mentions something along the line as to be careful no to not oil the pivot point on the handle. I will open up the front panel and take a peek in there this weekend to see if I have the nut or rivet.
coalcracker said:
Thanks Hydriv
I will open up the front panel and take a peek in there this weekend to see if I have the nut or rivet.
I think you`ll have a better access by removing the battery
I've performed this repair on mine and just like 99 says as soon as you remove the battery you can get in there enough to make the repair.

I chose the remove the rivet and replace it with a bolt/nut option and it's worked flawless for the last year or so. :trink:
Took out the battery and it has the nut / bolt at pivot point, so I tightened it up and it stopped creeping back. Thanks so much to all for the tip on this one. Removing the battery is the way to go.
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