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Needed one, Had some metal, built one.

I just kinda winged it.... did all the measurements by eye (and with jigs) so everything looked to have the right proportions at least to my eye. Eighth inch wall square pipe supporting quarter inch plate teeth.... 1/4 inch steel between the teeth for support. Teeth and supports were made by fabricating around the bucket so it fits really tight and doesn't move at all. The teeth easily support my weight.

While I was building it I was worried about the 1/8 th inch wall tube would be strong enough.... I was also worried that the bolts in the corner would not be enough to keep things from twisting and pulling off of the bucket bed.

I tried it for a few hours digging into a dirt pile that had been sitting for several years (really hard) with cement leftovers that the cement truck left me when they cleaned out long ago. It worked like a charm and my worries about strength were unfounded. It's really good to be able to get nearly full buckets and to be able to dig in packed/hard ground. In addition the capacity of the bucket went up for stuff like firewood... plus it's a lot easier to pick up stuff like blocks or tires.

Twice I dug into the pile and caught a root while curling. I brought the whole tractor up in the air (a very weird feeling) but didn't bend anything.

I think that the choice of materials and construction worked out pretty well. Any heavier and I would not have been able to cut or weld them as easy... Any lighter and they would have bent.

If I were to build another one I would think about making the teeth out of 3/8 instead of a quarter. I did bend one a little when I rameed a piece of cement pretty hard. I'd also consider adding a sixth tooth.
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