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`Twas the week before Christmas
And all down the street
Not a plow was seen stirring
The snow three feet deep!

When out of the building
There rolled with a snort
A faded red and tan tractor
With a plow of some sort

The controls were near frozen
The seat icy cold
Show some respect
She's near 40 years old!

But little by little
With pops from the stack
The game little tractor
Began its attack

Working the blade
So slow it would seem
Swirling snow on the hood
Turning to steam

The neighbors all gathered
To look and to point
When they saw the lil' Case
Start to clean up the joint

It huffed and it puffed
With a mighty big grunt
Who would have thought
So much from this runt?

Axles are buried
Snow up to the grill
Spinning and slipping
The lil' Case starts to get THRILLED

Dancing on ice
And finessing the knobs
Despite loaded tires
Of power she is robbed

But the tractor and rider
Was firm in their plan
To push and pile snow
And help fellow man

And slowly but surely
There appeared some clear street
It started out small
Just a few tiny feet

The neighbors were cheerful
And thought us quite handy
Why one friendly lady
Brought a wee cup o brandy!

Til long after dark
The tractor did chug
Pushing that blade
While engine did lug

Finally one car-width
Of the street was completed
Took almost 4 hours
But we had not been defeated!

Then back under cover
With a pat on the wheel
The chilled driver climbed down
With no sensation or feel

Next into a bath
With a hot mug of tea
Too weary to move
Or get out to pee

And off into bed
We then fell with a sigh
Only to wake to a sound about five

Down the street it did come
With a rattle and crash
The city's big plow
Through the snow it did splash

Foot firm on the gas
He roared forward and back
No sign did he leave
Of our first little track

So much for our efforts
Little tractor and me
City plow scattered snow
And made it look so easy!

Never mind I told Case
It's OK, It's alright
It's the thought, that's what counts
Maybe more snow tonight!

Merry Christmas! :446:
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