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This may turn out to be nothing good at all, but you never know.
I spoke with someone about it a few moments ago and they do not seem to know alot about the tractor. He said there was a photo, but none is visible in the ad.
He seems to think it is a 14 or 18 hp engine :wtf:
It is described as original paint, orange and white. Desert??? He seems to think it is from the 70's.

Too far for me to go over and look at :think:

Good luck :thumbsup:

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Based on the photo, it could just about anything. The paint and decals indicate an 1978 or 79. The muffler indicates a 1973/4/5 but maybe someone went with the older muffler. I don't believe that it's a 224 because Hy-lift was standard by the late 70's but if this is a repaint, then it could be an earlier 70's 224. No matter what, it's cheap. Someone should just go offer him three fresh Benji's and take it home.

The serial says it's a 1973 and that matches the exhaust system and the Armstrong Attachment Lift. It's still worth the money.
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