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update #2- engine overheat - K 321 no spark now.

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Ok after trying to reset the points over and over again, I found that the contact on point breaker was loose and I could not get the exact gap .020. In the meantime I took apart the head, and rechecked the valve to tappet clearances, went to top dead center and readjusted the clearances. Reasembled the breather plate properly, and got the engine running again real good 3600 RPM the hole nine yards, and then the point gap went again, must have thrown the timing off, it stalled and the engine was so hot you could fry an egg on hood of tractor. Is this normal reason to make engine so hot?? or do I not have the carb set correctly (3 1/4 top screw and 2 1/2 bottom screw?)?? After I reset the valve to tappet clearences conducted multiple leakdown tests, and I got readings from 40% to just outside of green area in the 45% range, so the reseting of the valves made an improvement (was 70% before valves were reset.) I bought a new set of breaker points (kohler product this time, the last one came with rebuild kit...junk). I will try to install the new points tomorrow and report back. Any help would be greatly appreciated as to what is causing the engine to get so hot. I cant even touch the dash tower!
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Please understand that I don't keep a diary on who is who and what they are doing or have done to their tractor or engine.

Overheating can be caused by incorrect valve timing, ignition timing, fuel mixture, plugged cooling fins on the barrel, rodents nests in the cowling that restricts airflow, plugged or block intake screen on the front of the engine where the clutch is. The Kohler Service Manual (found in our Library) is your source for specs and procedures. If the engine ran smoothly at all speeds and idled nicely, then I would not suspect any carb issues.
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