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( Detailed Description of CCI's Policies )


Our Forum is a place of enjoyment which members visit often, and we promote the website to be known as a great source of idea exchanges and technical resource publication. We claim to be the leading website for Case, Colt, and Ingersoll tractors. Our membership growth rate is evidence to that claim.

Many great friendships are created from this website. For new members, use the Introduce Yourself thread so everyone can get to know you. Everyone here has great experiences....Feel free to share yours with us! (found at the top of the forum under the heading Site Information)

Keep the site the way you found it. Neat, clean, and respectful. Much work has been done by the original founders, moderators, the contributing members, and new members bringing something new to the table.

Enjoy the resources and member contributions to the fullest! The guidelines of our site operation also include some "Do's" and well as the "Don'ts" Be sure to read The Do's, Part 4, at the bottom of this page.

Thank you in advance, for your continued support
The Moderator Team

The Case Colt Ingersoll "Rules of the Road". (Parts 1 - 4)

Note: You will find that many of the individual forums, bulletin boards and other sections have additional rules specific to those areas. They can be found in the READ ME FIRST BEFORE POSTING and "Sticky Notes" at the top of each forum page. As a member, you are strongly encouraged to read those messages and abide by what they say to retain posting privileges.

The following types of postings are considered "breaking the rules" and are used for disciplinary action or permanent banning of your free membership.

Part 1. "Don'ts" :
Types of Postings Unallowed

1. Anything offensive, hateful, discriminatory, obscene, or vulgar.

2. Anything singling out minorities or cultural differences in society for the express purpose of ridicule, influencing others, racist or sexist purposes. We are a site dominated by diverse groups. Think of others feelings / interpretations before you post.

3. Inflammatory, focused, personal attacks against members or moderators (see Part 3, for further definition, below.

4. Posting in all CAPITAL LETTERS which resembles shouting at another (except if a trade name is used, sometimes all cap's are exempt on some words).

5. Posting spam and/or unsolicited advertisement of goods or services unrelated to CCI.

Exception(s): There are some related equipment pieces which fit CCI like Bercomac, Johnson Loaders, Snowco trailer, etc.,... Allowed.

Posting for sale of items (CCI parts, attachments, tractors) in any other place on the website besides the Classified or the Buy/Sell/Trade/Wanted Bulletin Board Forums

Posting for sale of non-CCI items anywhere on the site.

6. Political discussions or advertisement, religious affiliations, and avatars related to these groups. This qualifies immediate termination of your membership

7. Large posts with overly numerous photos, videos, smiley's. Use the photo album feature to post your extended projects and provide a link to your album for members to see your photo collection if it becomes too large to post in a thread.

8. Threats or denigrating comments to ANY elected officials in Local, State, Federal, or Provincial government in , or singled out political events to drive the point by using inflammatory or threatening language.

9. Pornographic images, links to porn, or anything considered illegal activity such as YouTube videos of any illegal act, offensive graphics, or utterly sick jokes in bad taste. Links to malicious websites, spammers, and scammers.....Your account is immediately, permanently terminated.

10. Posting modifications to tractors and equipment considered to incur risk or a safety issue as a suggestion for usage. Example: Bypassing of neutral safety switches in operation. Albeit, a electrical circuit test may require this action, that is done under the guidance of the technical service manual and all precautions and methods are detailed and must be followed. Members have shortcuts also posted in forums. We monitor recommendations for safety concerns and encourage safe ideas as well but will revert back to the OEM spec as a default.

Part 2. Don'ts:
Actions Unallowed

These specific actions are considered for either extended vacations from postings, or permanent banning. No debate, decision is final per Moderator Team.

1. Creation of a secondary profile to circumvent a primary profile for any reason results in immediate termination of accounts. We monitor through your IP addresses, very easily.

2. Public posting of arguments with moderators. There are no arguments permitted in the public forum, period. If you are in question who the moderator is in the discussion, his/her avatar is labelled as such and using a Private Message or the Report Post button will get you to us. We will respond.

3. Settling differences in commercial agreements, ie. sale of parts, etc. in a public forum. Use the private messaging function to negotiate your issue with your buyer / seller. Disrespect will not be tolerated in a PM setting as complaints can be generated by a member from a private message, to the Moderator Team.

4. Blatant "hijacking" of a thread. We sometimes digress from the original subject, that is normal. and forums encourage ideas, not arguments and deflecting the subject to a unrelated topic for the express purpose of hijacking the subject. Grossly negligent and intentional acts will be reviewed and met with appropriate actions.

5. Lifting of data / threads / identities for any use on parallel or dissimilar type websites. The linking of CCI resources including, but not limited to manuals while on another Forum is strictly prohibited.This content of the website is owned by the website generally speaking. A tremendous amount of work was contributed by numerous individuals to create this Forum and make it the most comprehensive CCI resource on the web.Sometimes we like to quote things we learn and that is acceptable to point to a reference to another site and if the data is not large and clumsy or offensive, you may copy/paste in your thread provided there is no spam or malicious links included.. However, it becomes obvious when transfer of information outward becomes a career to hijack this website. Members known to this practice are identified immediately by virtue of their IP address and terminated with appropriate electronic blocks to prevent re-entry, forever.

6. Disrespect in Private Messages Disrespect to Moderators or members by private messaging will not be tolerated. Such posts will be subject to discipline as well as your membership term.

Part 3. "Don'ts"
Additional Defined Policy Regarding Verbal Attack Conduct in the Forums:

Public forums of any type have reputations for being "battlegrounds"
Not at CCI. This section provides further definition to how verbal attacks are addressed.

Healthy discussions can sometimes lead to disagreement or difference of opinion. The purpose of the forum is to inform, learn, and enjoy the hobby. The Forum is not a place to air one's differences in a disrespectful manner.

There may be right or wrong ways to accomplish certain tasks. What is customary by some may not be the norm for others. As long as personal injury risk is not an issue, the purpose of the forum is so we can all voice another way of "doing it" and let members choose from numerous practices at their discretion. The Technical Library addresses most recommended practices. Use it if in doubt. Bear in mind, technology has changed since the tractors were built, so today's newer practices may not always be compatible with these older machines.

Personal attacks on any member or moderator is absolutely prohibited and interpreted as an act of disrespect. These attacks will be met with disciplinary actions as stated. First time infractions will earn a "cooling off" period restricting forum posting. Repeated infractions will earn the "Perma-Ban" privilege. The member(s) involved will no longer be active on the site for a period determined by the Moderator Team who collaboratively make all disciplinary decisions. Although you may receive a notification from a individual Moderator, that Moderator has issued the notification on behalf of the moderator team who collectively reached the decision.

Contact a Moderator for clarification should verbal attacks be noted against your or others. The "Report Post" button on the bottom of each posting is a means for you to notify the Moderators of any potential infraction of the rules of the Forum. Use the button sparingly. If you have an issue involving personal attacks, the Moderator Team will address your concern in a timely response.

Part 4. "DO's";
Things to Do That Are Encouraged for Member Enjoyment

The forum is self perpetuating, meaning that the sharing of positive information for everyone makes this a good resource to extend our hobby to help others and our own enjoyment.

Members are extremely proud of their projects and accomplishments. Other members are inspired and we grow the hobby by sharing our uniqueness and knowledge. There is no right or wrong way to restore your tractor. YOU are the owner, and much like antique cars, you control the destiny of your tractor with a restoration as how you would like to present it.

Original OEM restorations will not be criticized here for technical content per se, against the way it was originally built. Members may comment on differences, however, if you seek advice how to do that to a tee, plenty of members can contribute on the intricacies of bringing it back to truly an OEM product.

1. Showing gratitude (THANKS!) on the button provided to show a member you benefited from a recommendation or response. People like reinforcement and acknowledgement for their contributions. Your appreciation is what makes a positive experience for other members to continue to contribute and help others with problems.. Use the "Thanks" button at your discretion.

2. Using common sense. Statements posted can be often misinterpreted. It's really easy to post and hit "go"..... Go back, read your message. Ensure you've communicated what you think you want to convey. Be positive in your statement, be helpful if needed, and approachable by others in what you say to keep the discussion moving.

3. If it sounds wrong, it may be. Report it if in doubt. However, we moderators are not here to continually police the site, to the contrary...we coach and encourage. The membership is expected to be self policing of their activity, and if in doubt, we the Moderator team will assist if necessary. Our Moderator resources are limited and not 24/7. We are here to assist and maintain a friendly atmosphere among our members. Members work with us as a team to make our site work.

4. Thread Creation for Technical Subjects. Use a title that generates interest or addresses a specific issue. Think of how you would later go back and use the search function and what keywords you'd use to revisit it. The advanced search feature is found at the center top of the webpage.

5. Searching for information: Many of us fall into a habit of asking first, rather than searching. The website over time has generated an extreme wealth of information. Try looking on your own first, if you are unsuccessful, there are literally thousand of us online who may have heard of your question and can direct you or help generate a discussion, particularly on unfamiliar questions. We do a great disservice to ourselves if someone has already found solutions and posted them, and we did not look back at lessons learned.


The Team

**This post is read only and closed to comments. If you have suggestions for additions or changes to the current rules please PM a team member to discuss your concerns.**
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