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Upgrading a 6018 to a 6018LQA

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Recently I added a Bradco quick attach plate to my 6018, and it's been a huge improvement in its utility around the house. Being able to switch between a small bucket for digging, a big bucket for moving material, and my pallet forks has made the tractor even more useful than it was before.
Tire Wheel Vehicle Plant Automotive tire

^ The first thing I did after getting home with the 6018

Tire Wheel Vehicle Automotive tire Tractor

^ My 6018 next to the 644 I bought exclusively for the quick attach setup it came with

Wheel Tire Plant Vehicle Tractor
Wheel Tire Vehicle Motor vehicle Wood

^ Everybody needs a set of pallet forks

Tire Wheel Automotive tire Vehicle Motor vehicle

^ Tiny 42" bucket for digging work

Tire Wheel Vehicle Automotive tire Tread
Tire Wheel Plant Vehicle Automotive tire

^ Big 52" bucket for everything else

Recently I got the itch to go the next step and add front hydraulics to the tractor to run an auger. The girlfriend likes that it'll make planting a lot easier this spring, but let's be honest, I'm just excited for one more toy to play with šŸ¤£.
Wheel Tire Vehicle Tree Automotive tire

^ My 6018 dreaming of bigger things...

There's a ~7yr old thread of @bknight187 converting his 7020, but those photos were all lost to the Photobucket purge (except for those saved by @sdunt here Ingersoll 7020LQA), so I'm starting this thread to document the process as I go. Hopefully 7 years from now they'll still be available for other people to use as a reference.
Wheel Tire Vehicle Sky Automotive tire
Tire Plant Wheel Vehicle Tractor

^ End goal!
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Impressive. Thatā€™s quite a unit. Thanks for the pictures.

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