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NOS Sleeve Hitch Case Ingersoll mower tractor 442 444 448

Up for auction we have a NOS sleeve hitch for the Case Ingersoll lawn tractors. This will fit Case Ingersoll lawn tractor models 442 444 448 4012 4014 4018, from about 1970 to current model year. This item is lightly used.

These cost over $600.00 at dealers

That hitch does not come close to being NOS. That term is applied to product that is still in its original packaging and has been gathering dust on some dealers stockroom shelf for many years.

He is selling a USED hitch that won't fit all the tractors he has listed because it is mounted on a 70's model Case. Just another e-Bay Seller with no clue about what he has on offer. If someone with a 400 that was built after 1979 buys that hitch, the Seller is going to have a complaint on his hands over the lift link length.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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