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Vangard 20 HP Flywheel

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I have a Vangard 20 HP engine Model # 351447 type 1180-E1 code 9711101 4952

The flywheel I need is a 2 part flywheel. Part 1 is the flywheel and part 2 is the plastic fins that bolt to the flywheel

The parts manual that I have lists PN#808768, this is a one piece flywheel that is not available

Are the parts interchangeable????

Do you have a PN for the 2 piece flywheel ???

Do you know where can I purchase either new or real good used ????

thanks for the help

[email protected]
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Chase that original part number around on the internet and eBay. New appear to be available from several old stock locations ... used also from teardowns.

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