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Came from other sites, had to see if different really or about same. This forum seems pretty easy to use and easy to read, not too "busy" in design. Love all those Smilies. Even have some CAse tractors in there, cool. I put on an avatar, not sure yet if it works. Font colors.....Hmmmm, OK, might try that later! I'm in NE Indiana, originally from WI,moved when GM plant opened here. I like MM tractors and most any brand LGT. I like Power Kings best, have a Case 210, White (Jacobson), Sears Suburbans, Massey, Cub Cadet, and light John Deere in shops. Waiting for summer again to get out to my projects after Winter hybernation! :wave:

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Welcome to the CCI forum.

There is a tremendous amount of knowledge here and some real friendly folks. Hope you enjoy your visit and stick around awhile. Don't forget to subscirbe to the best GT magazine on the planet, if you are not already a subscriber. There is a sticky on the forum entitled LAGC for more info.
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