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When you guys bring stuff like this here, I end up looking like the Grinch that Stole Xmas. :sidelaugh:

C'mon now.. are we to believe that a 1982 446 with the original engine is worth anywhere near $2600.00?

Sorry ..... but the paint job looks 2nd rate. The mule is painted black which is totally incorrect.

The decals are all wrong too.

So.....PUHLEEZE... someone explain to me why this $900.00 tractor is worth $2600.00 under the circumstances.

This guy doesn't even know that the deck is 48"

For that kind of coin, I'm pretty sure that I could find a nice 4020PS and likely with a SB48 to go with it.

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kjkansasdan said:
Maybe we should put him in touch with one of these guys & they could work out a trade or something.
With respect to the listing in Lansing, this would be a very late 70's or early 80's 446. It comes with a pair of wheel weights that bring $125.00 on e-Bay, a pair of used tire chains worth $40.00 tops and a snow caster worth $400.00 on a good day. So, when you subtract out the $565.00, someone still has to account for $2035.00 in value for the tractor with deck.

Let's be honest here. New bearings in a deck cost $40.00 and they are called a "wear and tear" item. In other words, a deck with seized bearings is a "parts deck" worth little but a deck with new bearings is a "deck in proper repair". New bearings do not make the deck new but it makes the deck usable.

As for the tractor, the same logic can be applied. Whether it is a 1979 or an 1982, value isn't affected to any degree. What matters most is condition from a cosmetic perspective and from a maintenance perspective. I agree with the Seller's assessment that his tractor is in great condition cosmetically and I'll even give him the benefit of the doubt that I would not find a bent front axle, badly worn steering components or improper repairs. So..what is a tractor of that era that is in good shape, actually worth? In my opinion, I'd say $1000.00, as long as it had a smoke-free Onan under the hood.

But wait.... this one has a brand spankin' new Onan crate engine in it. The question now becomes...."is that worth $1030.00 all by itself? That's a tough question. Let's suppose for a moment that the Seller was offering the exact same package but declared that the engine was worn and smoking badly. In other words, the engine needed a total rebuild but nothing was broken. What would the tractor be worth then? That would put the tractor into the "parts tractor" category because it is no longer a functioning unit. Someone has to spend money on it to make it work again.

Realistically, the best person to spend money on it is the guy who intends to keep it and use it on a long-term basis. He will get value for the money spent because he is the one getting benefit from his outlay over many, many years of service. At best, a parts tractor like that one would be worth $400.00. The Buyer could then spend $1000.00 to do a full rebuild and then have $1400.00 total in the tractor with the deck. So, if you buy that opinion, we are left with $635.00 to ponder.

The thing is about a brand new engine is that everything is brand new. You can't say that about a rebuilt engine. You can rebuild an engine only so many times and once you do rebuild it, you just subtracted ONE from the total. However, considering the lifespan of an Onan, that would not worry me much unless I was a commercial grass cutter that puts 500 hours or more per year on my tractor. Most certainly, a brand new starter, carb and fuel pump are better than the used ones from the engine that was being rebuilt. The stator coil would be new, as would the ignition coil, wires, plugs, points and condenser.

Bottom line. IMO...his asking price isn't stratospheric if you break it down in the above manner. That's his asking price. I think that he will get a lot of resistance to it. I think that if someone could buy that tractor for around 2 G's, they would end up with a sweet ride for the next 20 years. That's $100.00 per year of ownership if you deem the tractor to be worth ZERO in 2031. Who knows? Maybe by then, it will be worth more than $2000.00 at that point.

It's so hard to comment on the Port Huron listing to any degree of accuracy, I won't even try. There are no photos to judge condition and the language used is confusing. This is just another Seller who hasn't a clue about what he owns nor does he have a clue about fair market value.

Apparently, this is a 446 of an unknown year. It has a sleeve hitch, rear PTO valve, 48" deck, tire chains, a snow blower of unknown origin, a utility blade, a dethatching tool and possibly a Hydra-Bagger.

About all we can do is examine what he reveals and try to fix values to them. We have to assume that all the attachments are in perfect repair and that the condition is fair to good.

HydraBagger - $600.00

Sleeve hitch $150.00

PTO valve $150.00

Tire chains - $40.00

Utility Blade - $300.00

Snowcaster $300.00

Dethatcher - $75.00

We get a total of $1615.00 if we had to buy these items individually but package deals don't realize those numbers. We are left with $1635.00 being asked for a used 446 that is at least 22 years old. There is no indication of a recently rebuilt engine or that it was repowered 8 years ago with a brand new Linamar 770. For all we know, the tractor may be worth no more than $635.00 with the deck, thus leaving us :headscratcher: :headscratcher: :headscratcher: :headscratcher: over the remaining G-note. This disparity makes it tough to do business. He's asking $3250.00 but realistically the package is probably worth about $1800.00, subject to inspection and testing.

Now...that's just me guessing and the guess is based solely on his badly composed ad but who's fault is that? Companies spend big bucks on Madison Avenue in the hopes of convincing people to buy what they make. You would think that these Sellers would take that into consideration when they decide to write their own ads.
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