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Chuck created two sub-forums today. Here, on the main forum, all of the former STICKIES that related to LAGC/LAGT are now in their own sub-forum. In the Classified's forum, you will find a sub-forum for helping members in need of transport for tractors, implements, parts etc. This was Rich Groh's (introubleallthetime) idea so we let him take full credit for it on the off-chance that it doesn't work out for you. :sidelaugh:

The Tractor Events and Buy/Sell sections have been renamed to reflect the fact that they are strictly a BULLETIN BOARD and not a forum for conversation. The listings placed on the Buy/Sell BB now have a 90 day lifespan. The software on the site will automatically delete postings 90 days after their creation. However, please feel free to create a new posting after that date if your original needs have not been met. We had to do this because there were 4 pages of listings that went back to June of last year. I had already performed a clean up of the board in November. You guys are supposed to delete your posts yourselves but that was obviously not happening.

We hope that all of this meets with your approval but if it does not, you know where to find the PM box. :sidelaugh:
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