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What’s going on here? Case IH 7250 ?

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Anyone know what’s going on here? I can’t find any reference to a Case IH 7250. What’s this JD Baler? Tractor appears to have a PTO shaft.

Found this picture googling to see if anyone had run a baler off a Case before, would like to hear stories about that if you’ve got them.

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Yes, it's clearly an Ingersoll 3016 or 3018 that someone has re badged and repainted.

It does have a rear sleeve hitch and hydraulic PTO you can see from other photos. But no PTO shaft.

And it really appears that it has a loader that goes on it. Though there's obviously no loader installed right now. I hope to find more about it to get the whole story. But all I can find is five pictures of the machine saved on Pinterest by usernamed Eric Ducarre.

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