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What if? Is it possible? question. Starting two engines.

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I have an early 70s case 444 with 14 hp kohler (could have guessed that right). Anyways I've been looking into a few accessories, trailers etc that have a motor to assist in their function (trailer with hydraulics for a boom etc). If I were to makeup a homebrew version based on parts from a Bolens 1000 (10hp wisconsin-missing starter/generator-previous owner put it on the case 444). Do ya think theres a feesable way to start that second motor without leaving my seat? The only part that seems tricky could be the choke, but theres likely a way around that if its close enough.

I'll poke around and see if theres anything like what I'm thinking of.
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First- I'll answer your original question by saying -yes it's very possible because Case did that same thing with their wing mower.

However, I think that if I was going to have such a trailer, I'd just tap into the mighty power of the Case hydraulic system and save myself the hassle of having another engine to deal with.
sounds good. i'm also trying to resolve adding another rear end.. maybe not articulated but as an added axle on the back or to assist in driving a trailer part... like a psuedo bandvagn.. anyways I also have a pto valve to hook up.. have the extra motor, a pump etc to play with... brainstorming at this point.
Why don't you take a 200 series trans-axle and make that the axle for a dump trailer. Mount a used travel/lift lift valve on a stalk that is attached to the trailer tongue in a way that would give you access to it from the driver's seat. This valve could be have hoses with couplers that would plug into your rear PTO. The lift circuit could control the dump cylinder and the travel circuit could be used to power the trailer whenever needed. If you design the trans-axle Hi/Lo linkage to be worked from one side easily, then you could shift it into neutral when you don't need the boost.
That's one of the more useful mods yet. I've been sketching out a few ideas with all the parts I have available. Also looking into how to setup my tiller. Going to yank my carb too and deal with that. Not too many breaks from snow here.

Might as well just get that old Bolens working. That's for another forum though.
Maynard is a big Bolens guy. He could help you over at GT Talk with any Bolens issues.
Ask away over at GTTalk and we'll see what happens.

Maynard :canada:
the vehicles and accessories that have been most inspiring lately are the bercomac log trailer, tigercat skidder, a few brand forwarders and the bandvagn. i am getting an older volvo b20 engine and will see what i can build around that. for the case 444 i'm going to see how long i can run it and make the most out of it.. still looking to see how i want to attach my tiller.

for the bolens 1000 i need a starter/generator and to test the transmission. should be all set after that. or i need to put the one on the case back on the bolens and get one for the case... case is running so thats why its there.

both of these are "new to me" and trades. came as a package.
If you use a second battery on the trailed implement you would not need any wiring to the tractor. Simply have a control panel on a tower from your hitch that you could reach from the seat. It could have a switch, choke and throttle cable (if needed). Gregg
Worst case scenario is that I end up with multiple trailed implements!
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