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What's a 3 bag hydro vac worth?

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I know someone in Mid-MO that has one for sale, what are they worth?

Not that I'm interested and if I buy anything else my wife's going to flip out but PM me if you are interested and I will drop you the seller's phone number.


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It looks like a B98B Hydrabagger which is for a left hand discharge machine, 200 or 400 series machines. However if any of the pieces are missing it can become a problem finding them.
Pieces are:
Blower with motor and impeller mounted in support.
Plastic cover/bag support, three bags with metal frames. Bags and frames are still available as they are used on the current production Hydrabagger.
Mounting bracket which is bolted to the rear of the tractor where a 3 point would go. This sometimes gets forgotten and left on the tractor.
Metal chute that connects to the mower deck. Left hand chute is no longer available from Ingersoll. I've seen them go for over $100 used on eBay.
Baffle that reduces the deck output into the chute. This sometimes gets forgotten and left on the mower deck.
Two connecting hydraulic hoses.
The six inch hose to connect the chute to the blower input is there. This hose is readily available but expensive.
Tractor must have a hydraulic PTO to operate a Hydrabagger/Hydravac. Tractor may need a third hose for a case drain if the blower motor requires it.
N series decks will directly connect to chute after removing the deflector, J-M series decks must have the deflector cut off so the chute can be attached. The position of the cut is critical.
Have fun
Mad Mackie in CT :lol: :mowlawn:
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