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Hello everyone!
Long time member here, looking for your input. I've finally decided I had to have a loader and 4wd. So I went with the other orange company. I'm getting ready to sell my 'Inga', but would like to know what you think she's worth? Thanks in advance!

1989 Ingersoll 3016, HiCast 48, RM48, and extra mule drive for sale. I also have a 54" plow, but I'm thinking I'll hold onto it. Located in Bloomington, IN.

This here is 'Inga' and she is a beast. She has mowed my 1 acre hill of a yard for the past 7 years like a champ. I've done a fair amount to maintain and take tip-top care of her, and I'd be happy to share the history (or you can see it on here). Blades are 1 season old, and belts are in good shape. 2310 hours, and starts up every time with no trouble.

Things to know - I have had to weld the frame due to a crack years ago, has been fine since. Engine seeps a tiny amount of oil when you park it - not enough for me to ever care. Does not smoke. If it's appallingly hot out, she can surge a tiny bit when pointed up hill - again, I've looked into it, but never really cared enough to let it bother me.

HiCast 48 is designed for a case, but works fine with Inga - I can explain if you're interested. I made custom motors that control angle, and direction from switches on dash.
RM48 comes with extra mule drive, and is in great shape. Pressure washed every season and stored on dolly.

Inga's a great tractor - feel free to ask me anything about her.

What do you think it's worth?

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