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This is said to be a 444,but it has an Onan.The hood and grill resemble a Massey or Snapper but not quite.I figure it might be a 446,but who can tell.All I know is the hood and grill don't belong.

Maynard :canada:

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This appears to be the ultra-rare model know as the "Abortion".

Thankfully, there are very few examples of it in existence. Where the owner came up with the asking price is also a mystery.

- wrong tilt hood

- wrong fenders

- frame does not appear to be from a Kohler powered tractor so the 444 reference is a mystery.

- seems to me, the "I/C" reference is owned by Briggs and Stratton (Industrial/Commercial) and they certainly made horizontally opposed twins.

- it has an electric clutch.

- it appears to be a mid-70's tractor but who knows.

I think that if he got a grand for it, he'd be lucky.

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I'd tell him the same thing I tell my 4 year old when he brings me one of his "crafts"

"Very good, my you are creative", good job buddy

What necessitated the new nose/engine? Head on collision with a moose?
(frame may have been an early direct mount 444?)
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