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Duals are for flotation and less compaction only. We REMOVE excess weights on the rear axle when using them. The only extra weight sometimes needed is suitcase weights on the front end to keep some traction to the front axle when the draft or weight of the drawn or mounted implement is great.
Ya can't put any on the front if im using a snowblower
OK I measured my 448 the rears are 40" outer side wall to outer side wall. So if your tires are 8" wide and 1" gap that means you are going to be 18" wider than mine and you will be 10" wider than a 48" snow caster at 58". So you are going to need BIG wings on the caster or find a 5 foot snowblower to modify to fit your tractor.
i say it's even to me but I won't know till this summer an find everything I'm looking for to get it ready for next winter
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Tire Wheel Vehicle Automotive tire Motor vehicle
21 - 21 of 21 Posts