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Why oh why did they do this?

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I bought an alternate oil filter adapter for my Vanguard. The original adapter was a 90 degree filter mounting and clearance between the filter and the hydraulic lines was minimal at best. (Hat tip to @ras101 for putting me on to the alternate part...)

The new part came with zip ties in the passages. (see photo)

Wood Composite material Auto part Gas Aluminium

Why did they do this? QA / final inspection process to prove the oil passages are not blocked perhaps?

Let me know your theories.



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looKs good! I had the same feelings when I converted too. Bottom line is you will not regret the change! Next filter change will make you a convert too. If you are anything like me the shear fact that it looks odd makes you feel like the engine will blow up/stave of oil, etc.. Yeah I went through all that too. Just remember though that this is a Vanguard accessory!, remember that it has now been on and functioning - how long? then forget about it and start worrying about other things... this has got you covered too.
So tell me
are you able now to replace your filter without messing around?
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