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Winter Pictures Tractors in Action!

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I am trying to learn how to link how to use the links to pictures. I just joined photo bucket. It was rough, but I did it! I for one would like to see fellow member's tractors in action, so I thought this might be an interesting topic. Here's mine in action I think:

:letitsnow: :trink: :222: Best Regards, Rich :winterrules: :shock:
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Snotrocket said:
I live a little north of BillH and I have a good 3-4 foot snow pack on my yard.
Wow! And there is still February and March! :222: :446: Best Regards, Rich
InTroubleAlltheTime said:
Bill.H said:
That was a lot of snow!
Bill How much snow do you guys have on the ground? Looks like its just as deep way back in the picture. Nice tractor you have. :222: :446: Best Regards, Rich
Thanks! I can still see the tip of my well, so it's about 3' on the ground now out in the woods where there's no drifts.
No more action here lately! :facepalm: We had a big meltdown and there is only a few inches left on the ground. The big piles are still hanging in there. The Great South Bay ice is starting to break up and pile up on the shore by me. It's plenty cold and windy here, but dry. I don't think its over yet but its a big break after the last two months. :222: :446: Best Regards, Rich
81 - 83 of 83 Posts
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