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Wood Splitter - Flow Control Valve

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I am considering buying one of the J-32 wood splitters. I just reviewed the hydraulic schematics and see that I might be missing a piece of the puzzle. The flow control valve....

Can I operate the PTO if it is plumbed in series with the Drive Motor and the tractor does not move? I have have just thought through my question and answered it with positioning the transmission in NEUTRAL, not LOW or HI?
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My splitter has it's own valve mounted on the unit so it can either be connected to a rear PTO valve or to the hoses directly if you don't want to purchase a rear PTO valve. If yours doesn't have the valve then you might be able to use the PTO valve if it is the self centering type but you may prefer to have a valve mounted closer to the working position for convenience.
So to be certain I understand properly with out the flow control valve:

Hydraulic flow can exit the pump, enter the PTO, (with pto engaged) operate the splitter, exit the PTO, enter the travel control valve, and exit the travel control valve. During the time, the oil in the travel motor is STATIC.
Yes. The travel valve and PTO valve are plumbed in series, i.e. one after another, so the oil flows from the pump to one then the other and returns to the pump reservoir. If the valves are in "neutral" then the oil just travels through but when you activate one of the valves then the oil takes a little detour to the travel motor or attachment connected to the PTO and returns to the main oil stream.

A flow control valve only affects the travel circuit and has no impact on any attachments connected to the PTO valve.
Bart, Thank you for your help. I passed on the splitter because it did not look like it would carry well behind my 444. I guess I just have in my mind a much larger tractor to carry such a piece of equipment on the 3pt.
I believe the J32 is a 3 pt mounted splitter and it is spec'd for the 400 series tractors so my advice is to go for it if you want a splitter. It will probably require some weight on the front of the tractor to maintain good steering but I wouldn't be concerned about the tractor being able to "handle" it. Mine is the tow behind version but I would prefer the 3 pt mount for ease of maneuvering. Just my opinion but these splitters are hard to come by so it's best to grab them when you get a chance. If you decide later you don't like it you won't have to wait long to unload it.
I still have it! I might trade it for a stick welder and some cash. Who knows.
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